IPPG Sponsored Students

As part of its capacity building aim, the IPPG has sponsored three Ph.D. studentships undertaken and has supported two successful Commonwealth Scholarship Commission applications. The IPPG Ph.D. students presented their work so far to a panel of academics from the Universities of York, Manchester, Greenwich and Malawi, Heriot Watt University and ODI, at a workshop at the University of York on 3 March 2009. A full report and the presentations given by the students is available.

Daniel Appiah

Picture of Daniel

Daniel is a Ghanaian student who was nominated by the IPPG to and awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship in the 2007 round. Having completed a BA Honours degree in political science at the University of Ghana and a MPhil in public administration at the University of Bergen in the 'Analysis of State Institutional Capacity in Land Acquisition', Daniel is now studing for a Ph.D. at the University of York on 'The Politics of Institutional Reform in Land Administration in Ghana: a Political Analysis of Institutions, Power and Outcomes'.

Henry Chingaipe

Picture of Henry

Henry is a Malawian student who was the first successful nomination to the Commonwealth Scholarship Association by the IPPG, after having worked on a research project based in Malawi with Adrian Leftwich, co-authoring a paper on 'The politics of State-Business Relations in Malawi'. The title of Henry's Ph.D. is 'Institution Formation, Maintenance and Change: the Politics of State-Business Relations in Malawi'.

Matthews Madola

Picture of Matthews

Matthews is a Malawian student who is funded by the IPPG to undertake a Ph.D. at the University of Greenwich, through the IPPG's partnership with NRI. Having completed a BA in Economics and a MA in Economics – in collaboration with the AERC – both at Chancellor College, University of Malawi, Matthew's Ph.D. is on the study of 'Transaction Costs and Agricultural Commercialisation: the Role of Market Institutions and Farmer Organisations in Improving Market Access and their Effects on Pro-Poor Growth in Malawi'

Shireen Mahdi

Picture of Shireen

Shireen is a Tanzanian student who is funded by the IPPG, undertaking a Ph.D. in the study of 'Groups, Influence Costs and Institutional Change' at the Institute of Development, Policy and Management, University of Manchester. Previously, Shireen had successfully undertaken a MSc in Development Economics where her dissertation title was 'The HIPC Initiative's Approach to Growth and Debt Sustainability' at SOAS, UK; and a BSc Honours in Economics and French.

Ashwini Swain

Picture of Ashwini

Ashwini is an Indian student who is funded by the IPPG to undertake a Ph.D. at the University of York, with Adrian Leftwich acting as co-supervisor. Ashwini has completed a BA in Political Science at Utkal University; a MA in Political Science and a MPhil in the 'Political Economy of Public Policy Making in the Indian Electricity Sector – a Study of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh', both at the Centre for Political Studies, Jawaharial Nehru University; and is now researching under the title 'Electrifying Rural India: Interrogating the Potentials of Micro Institutions for Efficient and Effective Service Delivery'.

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