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State Business Relations Workshops - India

IPPG co-hosted SBR workshops in Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal in May:

State Business Relations and Performance of Manufacturing Sector in Andhra Pradesh
20 May, 2010 - Hyderabad

This SBR workshop was co-hosted with the Centre for Economic and Social Studies (CESS). The event, on 20 May, was covered in the state's Telugu-language papers, Varta and Sakshi

State Business Relations in West Bengal
24 May, 2010 - Kolkata

This SBR workshop was co-hosted with CUTS (CUTS Centre for International Trade, Economics & Environment).

Read agenda and background paper:

Workshop: Effective State Business Relations: When Does It Happen And Why Does It Matter?

Jaipur, India, 18 December, 2009

This one-day IPPG-CUTS workshop reported on the findings of its series of research projects on formal and informal interactions between the state and business across India states, how these have evolved over time, and the effects of different types of state business relations on their recent economic performance.

The event was chaired by Pranab Bardhan, University of California, Berkeley, USA, with speakers and discussants including Paramita Dasgupta from The World Bank, New Delhi; Nilachal Ray, Director, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, Kolkata; B. G. Sastry, Director, Bahmidi Finance and Consultancy and Ex-President, Federation of AP Chamber of Commerce and Industries; Siddhartha Mitra, CUTS International; and IPPG's Kunal Sen.

The event followed a three day research workshop, also in Jaipur, analysing findings from IPPG's research projects on the economics and politics of state business relations in Africa and India.

More about the Jaipur State-Business relations workshop

More about IPPG's state business relations research


Workshop: Investment Selection and Investment Policy in Ghana

Accra, 5 November 2009

Ghana seems to have found its way in the last decade, achieving decent growth rates, noticeable improvements in living standards, and very respectable rates of investment. Nevertheless, there are widespread feelings in the country that Ghana could be doing even better, and problems with the investment environment might well form part of the explanation.

Professor Paul Hare and his researcher, Felicia Owusu Fofie, both from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, were in Accra, Ghana for the closing policy workshop of their research project on Ghana (funded by DFID). The workshop was attended by around 40 business representatives and policy-makers, including two government ministers, both of whom delivered very interesting presentations. Paul Hare was interviewed by one of Ghana's main broadcasters, and for Ghana's daily newspaper, The Daily Graphic.

Preview research: Investment Behaviour in a Difficult Institutional Environment


Debate: Industrialisation and State-Business Relations in Andhra Pradesh (January 2009).

This panel discussion, at the Centre for Economic and Social Studies (CESS) in Hyderabad, a CESS/IPPG collaboration, was well-attended and extensively covered by regional TV and leading Telegu newspapers, including Eenadu and Andhra Jyothy.

Panellists and delegates drawn from industry, business associations, unions, academia and the media looked at industrialisation, the trajectory of state business relations and the role of different political regimes in the shaping of this trajectory.


If you would like access to any of the presentations from the workshop, please email us.


Poster from CESS workshop

CESS workshop

The first SBR India workshop was hosted by the Centre for Economic and Social Studies in January 2009. The poster and rapporteur's report from the workshop are available; if you would like access to any of the presentations from the workshop, please email the programme office.



Policy Reference Group

India SBR Policy Reference Group

The first meeting of the Policy Reference Group of the SBR India projects was held in Kolkata on 12 November 2008. The meeting was convened by Mr. Bipul Chatterjee, Deputy Executive Director, CUTS International, Jaipur. He presented an overview of the IPPG Research Programme Consortium in 2008–2009, and a summary of the research programme on State-Business Relations in India and also the involvement and role of CUTS in this project. S. N. Menon, former Commerce Secretary of India and Chairman of the PRG of the SBR India Project, reiterated the importance of taking an intense look at the impact of industrial relations on development, particularly with reference to Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal: states which have witnessed very different outcomes with respect to industrialisation. Members of the PRG assured the SBR India research team that they would extend all co-operation to the research team for making this ambitious and significant project a success.

S.N. MenonFormer Commerce Secretary of IndiaChair
B.G. SastryDirector, Bhamidi Finance & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.Andhra Pradesh
Niranjan MohantyPresident, Utkal Chamber of Commerce & IndustriesOrissa
Bibhuti MohapatraPresident, Orissa Small Scale Industries AssociationOrissa
H.P. MishraFounder Chairman, Industrial Promotion Investment Corporation of Orissa Ltd. & Managing Director, Industrial Development Corporation of OrissaOrissa
Sudhansu MishraEx Chief Secretary & Principle Secretary, Industries DepartmentOrissa
Neelachal RayDirector-General, DGCI&SWest Bengal
Gopinath ReddyCESSHyderabad
Avinash SamalAffiliated to CESSHyderabad
Indranil BoseSt. Xaviers CollegeKolkata
Siddhartha MitraCUTSJaipur
Bipul ChatterjeeCUTSJaipur

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